Exotic Trim Keys applies a highly demanding quality control system. It takes place on several levels and at various stages during the creation process to offer clients a perfect product. Each Exotic Trim Keys piece is subjected to the most rigorous creation process performed by our skilled artisans. A significant number of aesthetic criteria will be considered to ensure that your bespoke ETK key fob cover is impeccably handcrafted.


At Exotic Trim Keys, rare and exotic precious leathers can be identified by their natural texture, which gives them an exotic & unique feel. We use only the highest grade of genuine exotic leather material. They carry signature patterns and shapes: small spheres, sometimes called pearls for stingray, scales for crocodile, alligator, lizard, python, and follicles for ostrich.


Preserve your bespoke ETK key fob cover lastingly. Our products have been handcrafted to last by skilled artisans. To safeguard its longevity, we recommend taking certain precautions during use. Exotic leather is a material that improves over time. At Exotic Trim Keys, rare and exotic leathers can be identified by their natural texture, which gives them an exotic & unique feel. The metal hardware parts are of high-quality brass, stainless steel, or aluminum coated in thick plating. Product care information is provided inside each order of the client. Please peruse the following care tips;

  • Beware not to scratch or rub your product against abrasive surfaces, especially the leather trim.
  • As they have a natural treatment, the exotic skins must imperatively be protected from humidity. Keep them away from water or any other liquid that could alter the leather's texture or colour. If your product does get wet, you can dab it dry with a lint-free, light-coloured and absorbent cloth.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight; keep your product away from any direct heat source. 
  • Please avoid contact with greasy substances, cosmetics, perfume, hydro alcoholic solutions, and any material that may transfer their coloured pigments onto the product.
  • Your Exotic Trim Keys product will need to rest to retain its beauty. We recommend storing your object in a warm, dry place away from light when you are not using it.            


We started Exotic Trim Keys with one thing in mind, luxury. It takes a lot to own a luxury and high-end vehicle, and the chances are that you’ve made some unique alterations to help showcase some of those lifestyle features that add to the glitz and glam of owning an exceptional vehicle. So why not go all out and make sure your keys speak luxury too?  

Each piece we create is unique, is cut and stitched by hand. Several hours of work go into creating each uniquely designed piece for the client. We certify the originality of the item on a uniquely designed card of authenticity, provided inside each order of the client.  

To further embody just what it means to live a life of luxury, the team at Exotic Trim Keys has worked hard to source all of our genuine exotic materials only from the most high-end leather crafters in the nation. To match the quality of your luxury vehicle, we had to be sure our leathers carried the same high-end aesthetic, appeal, and appreciation. Our key fob covers are more than a simple leather cover; they are a luxury accessory specifically designed to compliment your luxury vehicle. They are fitted, moulded leather covers with detailed knife cut-outs to allow easy access to buttons, provide visibility of the vehicle brand logo, and showcase other unique features. We only use the highest-grade leather and quality stitching materials for our handcrafted pieces. Clients can customize every aspect, from the thread colour to different exotic leather & colour combinations to further accent the high-end features and perks of owning a luxury vehicle. 

The perfect complement to your vehicle key. Created and handcrafted for you. Your personalized handcrafted key fob cover is custom made to order and will ship within two to three weeks of purchase. Complimentary shipping via DHL Express Worldwide.

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